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Tammy L. Zender, LISW-S



Therapy is completely normal and helpful when you find the right therapist for YOU! Finding such a therapist can feel overwhelming, scary and even hopeless. I assure you, those thoughts and feelings are normal. Depression and anxiety can be debilitating and scary. You feel alone and helpless; like no one understands you or what you're experiencing. Career, family, children, friendships, marriage and relationships suffer making you feel even more alone; and lost in the dark world that only you can see and feel. Please, give yourself the gift of therapy. I can help you work towards a healthier and happier you.

I am qualified and experienced in providing psychotherapy to children and adults suffering from depression, anxiety/panic attacks, schizophrenia, borderline personality, bipolar, etc. I utilize evidence based treatments that are solution focused and effective in improving quality of life.

Are you being treated for depression and/or anxiety by a family physician and yet don't feel any better? Maybe you feel worse? Chances are, you haven't been accurately diagnosed which means the medication is not right for you. I will provide you with a comprehensive assessment & diagnosis, as well as collaborate with your physician.

"My personal journey and experience, is why I am committed to helping you"

Sarah Melton, LPCC-S


  I'm so glad you are here and really look forward to working with you.  My role is to meet you where you are at in all aspects of life and help you grow to where you want to be.  I have had amazing opportunities to work with individuals, couples, and families of all walks of life and in all stages of life.  I've worked with family/couple issues, trauma, depression (including maternal), anxiety, criminal justice involvement, and everything in between.  I am very LGBTQIA friendly and accept that everyone's journey is different and find value in the diversity we all offer.  

Crystal Snyder, LPC, LICDC


 I hope to work with you soon. I want to be someone in your life that you walk in the door and say , “Wow. I needed this today.” (I had a client say that a couple months ago and it was the best feeling ever!)  The past five years of my career have been spent working with the criminal justice, addictions, mental health, and other high-risk adults. I have obtained my Trauma Informed Care Certification and I am a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor in Ohio. I am currently working on expanding my eating disorder treatment knowledge. 

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